Colin Nelson's London Marathon 2017 Journey 


My wife always said that she wanted to run the London Marathon before she was 40. I am sure she won’t mind me saying, but she is now 40 :). Unfortunately her ambition of running the London Marathon has passed her by. So, how can I, as a loving, caring husband help? I could do it for her, I am not 40 yet :) 


When the opportunity of running the marathon came along, I thought I’d apply, obviously not get chosen as there are loads of more “suitable” candidates who would apply. Being surprised would be a little bit of an understatement when I read the email letting me know I was “Successful”. SUCCESSFUL! Really, “successful” that I can run 26.3miles.


Anyway, that was that, I had the place and could not drop out now.


I went on my first run a few days after receiving this email. I managed to run nearly 1 mile without stopping. My legs hurt, my lungs hurt, in-fact, my whole body hurt. I expected it to be bad, having not ran for nearly 15 years, but not this bad. What a journey this was going to be.


A couple of months later it was Christmas Day. I woke up early (even before my 11 year old daughter) and went for a 5 mile run. I felt good, amazing actually. It took me just over an hour, that is not great, but I didn’t stop. Cleary my training was working. I was committed, even keen to succeed.


As a little present to myself I bought a new bed on the 27th December. Whilst moving it downstairs, somehow I managed to stub my toe ending in a 2 broken toes, massive swelling and incredible pain. I was instructed by the Doctor not to run for 6-8 weeks. Like that was possible!! I had a marathon to train for.


Well, here we are with only 7 weeks before the marathon and I have started training again. I am currently able to run around 7 miles without stopping, but I know that I need to be better than that. I am positive I will complete the Marathon, I did have a time but now I just want to finish.


The training has changed me as a person. I eat healthier (not perfect but much better), I train 4-5 times a week. I even think I am getting skinnier, and I know I feel better about myself.


So far I have raised around £600 for UK youth, and looking forward to raising another few hundred before the marathon.

I had some friends come and visit me a few weeks back, in one night we managed to raise £279 for UK Youth! :)


I am looking forward to the 23rd April 2017. Not because I will do the marathon that day, but it will all be over after it J


Colin Nelson   


Team UPS's main fundraising page


Colin's fundraising page


Feeling inspired to run in the London Marathon 2018 for UK Youth yourself or want to get involved in another UK Youth event? Find out more.

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