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So since training has started I have fallen over and cut my knee to pieces as well as ruining my trousers. Got lost not just once but on numerous occasions. Had to run to the office/home to use the loo

On one long run I ran down by the river, which was beautiful, however after a massive rain fall there were many puddles. Avoiding some puddles I run on the grass BIG MISTAKE! So decided to go to clean myself up at Asda, do I know where the toilets are? NO

Will I ask? NO

Why not? I’m wearing a bright orange hat, bright yellow running jacket with mud up my legs J

On this run I left late so darkness fell quite quickly (my running light was at home) not a good idea so kept to the main roads before arriving home for a nice long soak in the bath.

When my daughter was 2, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I made a full recovery and then went on to have my son 2 years later. After this I realised life is too short and I had been dreaming of running the London Marathon since I was a little girl when I watched my Uncle run. You never know what life can throw at you so sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and go for what you have always dreamed of.

UK Youth is such an amazing organization. They work hand in hand with children from 9 – 25 to develop children to adulthood no matter what background or circumstance they come from. Money raised can help young people with their low self-esteem, develop the skills necessary to help them with employment. The young people they are helping today are our future leaders. As of yet I have not had the privilege of doing the Road Code course with them but this will be changing in few weeks’ time. I cannot wait to meet and teach how important road safety is and I hope to inspire at least one person the dangers of being safe whilst behind a wheel.

So before Christmas I did a Christmas Raffle, got lots of different gifts from nail varnish sets, mini toy cars to toilet rolls. Wrapped them in Christmas wrapping paper and so raffle tickets. On Valentine’s Day I did a Coffee & Cake morning which was a massive success. Looking forward to doing a Baby Picture competition.



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Feeling inspired to run in the London Marathon 2018 for UK Youth yourself or want to get involved in another UK Youth event? Find out more.

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