Aidan Tolley's Journey - 13th February 2017


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Training experience

Currently training is going OK. That is about as good as I can offer right now. I have done the Exeter half marathon so far and got a time of 1:40hrs. I have been doing a lot of runs around the 7-8 mile mark but do struggle going any higher hence booking these half marathons in. I have a race for life 10k coming up soon also. I am just about to go out for about 7 miles after work before I go out for food so I don’t feel too bad.. :)


Fundraising Experience

With regards to fund raising. I have around £155 on my Just Giving page which I am fairly pleased with. One of my main fund raising experiences so far is my ‘Last Man Standing’ football game. I tried to play to my audience and my friends a little bit. I organized a game where a person picks a football team from a list of fixtures that I provide on a weekly basis. These can be from either the Premier League or the Championship. Every week you have to select a different team so can never re-use the same team twice. If the team wins then you are through to next week, if they lose or draw you are out. I managed to get 56 people playing and asked them to pay £10 each. £5 went to UK Youth and £5 was available for the individual to win. I am currently down to 27 players from 56. A nice easy way to fund raise with a little bit of fun.. People seemed to really go for it.


Why I'm running to support UK Youth

I believe that UK Youth offers a great opportunity for youngsters that haven’t had the easiest start in life and want to do well. I believe I was lucky enough to have a safe supportive upbringing and appreciate the value of being cared for and having opportunities in life which gave me the groundings I have today. I am pleased to be have the opportunity to give something back to the younger generation. 


Feeling inspired to run in the London Marathon 2018 for UK Youth yourself or want to get involved in another UK Youth event? Find out more.

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