Your support means we can help a young person like Sarah 


Just a few months before starting UK Youth’s Social Action Programme Sarah, 24 years old, was discharged from a year and half in hospital. Prior to this she had been homeless for two years as well as dealing with severe mental health problems following a traumatic family crisis. Her circumstances had forced her to stop drama school training.


Sarah then got a part-time job and got involved with UK Youth’s Social Action Programme with the hope of trying to make her way in the creative industry with no formal qualifications. Through UK Youth’s Programme, she got the opportunity to deliver National Theatre Connections –a local project bringing theatre to deprived communities. She learnt a huge amount by taking part in the project – she took charge of funding applications, venue bookings, budget management, marketing and theatre production.


The project also gave Sarah the opportunity to contribute to her community by enabling other young people who faced similar challenges to herself to overcome these and pursue their talents. UK Youth’s Social Action Programme enabled Sarah to build critical emotional and social capabilities such as confidence and responsibility and she now feels empowered to build a brighter future for herself.


In Sarah’s own words - Having had no confidence whatsoever in the strength of my ideas or in my ability to bring them about, I now know so much more about the ins and outs of creative production, and through putting it into practise have seen my creative output have an overwhelming effect.


Feeling inspired? Find out how you can get involved to support someone like Sarah here 

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