How your support can help a young person like John

John, aged 21 from London, was dealing with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety, suicide and self-harm due to abusive relationships and a toxic living environment. To try to tackle these issues, John started taking part in activities  including volunteering, training and music. Then he discovered UK Youth's Big Music Project...

John took on a leadership role within the project and helped to create a promotional CD and music label to showcase the talents of young students in his local community.

Taking part in UK Youth’s Big Music Project gave John the chance be himself, to interact with other people and have the confidence to voice his opinions to people who listen.

John says “I now have people around me to help me cope and deal with my problems, the next step is to move forward with my goals of being a music producer.”

UK Youth’s Big Music Project is an initiative delivered in partnership with the UK’s biggest music and entertainment brands to deliver societal change and transform the lives of disadvantaged young people aged 14-24 in the most deprived areas across the UK. It links young people to employment opportunities in the music industry and beyond, whilst inspiring them with ambition and skills.

Your support allows us to continue developing innovative programmes like this to help young people like John progress and grow into confident and capable adults.

Feeling inspired? Find out how your can get involved here.

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